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So you are going to build a house yourself: things you should know first

Before you ever even clear any land or decide where to place the house you must determine where the septic system will go.

The site evaluation is step one: Get a scale map of your property if you don’t have one. The scale drawing is from an application for a septic system that was drawn by a septic designer at the local health department.

before you build a house

Important note: The site should not be cleared, scraped, leveled or otherwise disturbed until the details of the site layout have been figured out. If a water well is required it should be located only after a place has been found for the septic system.
The map is vital. The map must show the location of the test pits. Most health departments require this evaluation to be done by a licensed person. Also, the surrounding conditions are shown in scale including property lines, buildings, wells, pipes, paved areas, surrounding septic systems if known, roads, easements, trees and banks. You must also show slope direction, drainage ways, surface water, and surrounding land uses. Go to your local health records to see what your health department requires.